NASA showed the food of the astronauts who will go to Mars

NASA показало еду астронавтов, которые отправятся на Марс

NASA planning menu for Mars

Space Agency video showed the power the astronauts to the Orion spacecraft that will travel to Mars.

NASA showed in the video than will eat astronauts manned spacecraft Orion, which is created for missions to the moon and Mars.

The video shows the little bars, the energy value of each of which is estimated at 700-900 calories.

Unlike the crew of the International space station, menu astronauts, Orion will not be regularly replenished with stocks from the Ground and will be less diverse.

Earlier it was reported that NASA has successfully completed the testing of solid propellant booster for super-heavy launcher Space Launch System for manned missions to Mars the Orion spacecraft.

Note that, by 2020, to Mars plan to land four international unmanned mission.