NASA showed the Martian robot

NASA показало марсианского робота

Humanoid robot to help in the colonization of Mars.

NASA experts posted a video demonstrating how it can walk on rough terrain humanoid robot Valkyrie, designed the Space center Lyndon B. Johnson. The video was posted on the YouTube channel of the Institute IHMC Robotics, which developed an algorithm for robot control.

In the past commercials humanoid could only stand on one leg and perform other simple actions.

The robot has about 200 sensors on the head, shoulders, stomach and legs. When planning a route Valkyrie evaluates information received from the lidar, and trying to determine the most flat surface for the step. The developers plan to send humanoid on Mars that he’s helped people to colonize the red planet.

Earlier, NASA engineers presented a “Batmobile” for Mars.

NASA has selected 12 people for a mission to Mars