NASA showed the plot of Mars, the victim of the floods

NASA показало участок Марса, пострадавший от наводнения

NASA показало участок Марса, пострадавший от наводнения

Photo: NASA

Paleontologists claim that the flood happened on Mars in ancient times.

On the official website of NASA were published photograph exposed once flood area of Mars. The photograph shows table mountain, situated in the outflow channels Martian quadrangle oxyacetylene cutti Plus. The photograph was published on the official website of the Agency.

It is reported that she was made as a scientific tool HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) station MRO.

As noted by paleontologists, the area of the red planet were affected by flooding in ancient times.

The probe Mars reconnaissance Orbiter was launched into space specifically to study Mars. In 2006, he achieved his goal, and in 2008, his mission came to an end. Subsequently, however, NASA experts decided to extend the mission.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that NASA engineers have introduced the concept of a full-sized Rover.