NASA showed the “tentacles” of a mysterious moon of Saturn

NASA показало "щупальца" загадочного спутника Сатурна

NASA показало "щупальца" загадочного спутника Сатурна

Scientists suggest that in Enceladus may be life.

The spacecraft Cassini has transmitted to Earth new photos of the mysterious satellite of Saturn of Enceladus, NASA soosay.

In the pictures you can see the peculiar “octopus” – a gigantic Y-shaped cleft, which stretches for 500 kilometers.

At the South pole of Enceladus, there are several unusual forms of relief, which scientists call “Y-shape breaks the surface.”

They are canyons similar to the tentacles of a giant octopus, which arise as a result of tectonic processes within the ice crust that covers an ocean of Enceladus.

On the surface of these Y-shaped clefts no meteorite craters, which suggests that they are extremely young from a geological point of view.

For this reason, the “tentacles” are of great interest to geologists and scientists engaged in the study of the properties of ice sea of Enceladus, where it can lurk life.

Previously, Cassini had transmitted to Earth pictures of North pole of Enceladus. The pictures find a network of mysterious cracks in the ice shield that hides warm water under-ice ocean. In addition, the photos can be considered a kind of snowman.

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