NASA will get additional $ 1.6 billion for exploration of the moon and Mars

NASA получит дополнительные 1,6 млрд долларов для освоения Луны и Марса

The Americans intend to return to the moon and

The US President announced additional funding that will get the National aeronautic and space research.

NASA will allocate an additional $ 1.6 billion to explore the moon and Mars, said the President of the United States Donald trump on Monday, may 13.

“Under my administration, we restore the excellence of NASA and we return to the moon then go to Mars,” wrote the American leader on Twitter.

First landing on the moon was performed by the American manned spacecraft Apollo 11. July 20, 1969, commander Neil Armstrong and pilot buzz Aldrin landed the lunar module of the ship in the southwestern sea of Tranquility on the visible side of the moon.

Earlier it was reported that trump demanded to send Americans to the moon by 2024. Recently, the U.S. presented the apparatus for exploration of the moon.

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