Nasalik explained why the coal is not supplied from the zone ATO

Насалик рассказал, почему уголь не поставлялся из зоны АТО

The head of the Ministry Igor Nasalik explained why the coal is not shipped from the zone ATO. Review of the Minister sounded on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Two reasons why not, supplying coal from the ATO. The first reason is the conduct of hostilities, and the majority of crossings, we are left with only two transitions involving carriage of the pair. On the other hand there is a huge problem in rolling stock. And the third reason is may and June did not deliver anthracite group to do to show that Ukraine is not so energy independent, as they thought. So we made the whole complex, upgraded heating system, other generations, and I have to say that if we are not going to obtain coal from the zone ATO, we will do without him,” said Nasalik.

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According to Natalika, in addition, 9 firms that are in the territory of “DNR” or “LNR” have the right to supply anthracite coal to Ukraine-controlled territory.

“The Ministry does not participate in any contracts. But in order to get the anthracite group, most of the mines, which are located in the so-called “LNR” and “DNR”, they are registered in Ukraine, and these 9 firms, which have this app or the list, which is controlled by the security service, that they have the right to put this anthracite coal was from mines in our territories, paying taxes on the territory of Ukraine”, – he explained.

“The Ministry has developed the program of preparation for the autumn-winter period, we have provided reserves of 2.2 million tons You mentioned Lviv-Volyn basin, but I can tell you that on the territory of Ukraine, which is controlled by Ukraine, we have not produced a single tonne of anthracite. We developed a plan and 3 days ago already came the first ship, is a Swiss firm supplied, it is the private relationship between Centrenergo and other companies. Today, if you have 6-7 months ago, we could say that without the ATO and anthracite from the ATO we can’t do it at all, because on balance we had more than 9 million, is anthracite the group that a year is consumed in Ukraine, then today, despite the fact, will be the supply of coal from the zone ATO, or not at all, we will compensate anthracite group from other countries”, – summed up Nasalik.

Earlier Nasaliki declared that over the summer, the Ukraine burned 20% more coal than last winter.

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