Nasirova allowed to move in the Kiev region

Насирову разрешили перемещаться по Киевской области

Roman Nasirov

Removed the head of the fiscal service is required to wear an electronic bracelet until 14 December.

The court extended the suspended head of the SFS of Ukraine the Novel Nasirova procedural duties until 14 December and was allowed to travel to Kyiv region, passed Nashi Groshi.

According to the decision of the investigating judge Lyudmila Kizyun, Nasirov can move on Kiev and the Kiev region, where in Kozyn he has a home, but must wear an electronic bracelet. It can be temporarily removed, if required by the medical procedure.

It is noted that the remaining duties are discharged the head of the SFS, the court upheld, namely, to surrender their passports and other documents entitling travel abroad; to arrive to the detective, the Prosecutor, the court on demand; to report change of his place of residence and/or workplace; to refrain from communicating with other suspects in the criminal proceedings.

As reported Корреспондент.net, Nasirov is suspected of causing damage to two billion hryvnia. According to the investigation, he took an unreasonable decision to defer a rent payment for extraction of mineral resources.

Removed the head of the SFS, previously arrested, was released from prison on bail of 100 million hryvnia. Earlier, the court decided that Nasirov will go with an electronic bracelet until October 21.

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