National Bank: PrivatBank undercapitalized 30 billion

Нацбанк: ПриватБанк недокапитализирован на 30 млрд

PrivatBank requires capitalization

The final number will be called at the end of April.

PrivatBank is in need of recapitalization, shows a preliminary audit. This was announced by Valery Gontareva in Washington April 20, answering a question of the journalist of TV channel “1+1” that the report of E&Y allegedly shows the absence of losses in the Bank in 2016.

“It’s not officially released report from E&Y. of Course, as the head of the National Bank, I have seen the preliminary results. And this result is even worse than before. 143 billion is not all the losses that will get our state out of all wrongdoing and fraud this Bank. Last fraud transaction PrivatBank was the size of 16 billion UAH. The government may cover the 30 billion in the Bank, but, unfortunately, the result that you will see soon, can be higher,” she said.

NBU will calculate, and the capitalization needs to be done by the Finance Ministry.

“We agree with the Minister of Finance, when read all the numbers, E&Y, and then we will decide what amount will make to the Bank. It will be at the end of this month. And you will see how it works in Ukraine”, – said the head of the NBU.

Earlier, Gontareva told about fraud in PrivatBank.

Banks have repaid one third of debts to NBU