National Bank sold at auction another $50 million

Нацбанк продал на аукционе еще $50 млн

The NBU is trying to stabilize the hryvnia

The national Bank was not able to satisfy all applications to purchase foreign currency. The dollar on the interbank market rose to 27,0883 UAH/$1.

The national Bank of Ukraine on the auction for the sale of currencies on Friday, August 3, granted 18 applications amounting to $50 million About it it is reported on the regulator’s website.

Up for auction amount to $50 million was filed 41 applications for a total of $75.5 million at the rate of 27.04 from UAH/$1 to UAH 27,095/$1.

The cutoff rate was set at 27,0851 UAH/$1. The average rate on the auction amounted to 27,0886 UAH/$1.

According to the NBU, the reference value of the hryvnia to the dollar on this day at 12:00 decreased to 27,0883 UAH/$1 UAH 27,0123/$1 the previous day.

On the eve of the NBU sold on the interbank market of $100 million, accepting 35 applications. In this case, the auction received 44 applications for a total of $to 124.2 million at the rate of from flash memory cards 26,95 UAH/$1 to 27,0101 UAH/$1.

Earlier, the national Bank called the factors, obvalovka the hryvnia in July. For regulation of the NBU carried out foreign exchange interventions on the interbank market, sold 63 million dollars.

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