NATO has accused the Russian media in a large-scale disinformation

НАТО обвинило российские СМИ в масштабной дезинформации

NATO has accused the Russian media disinformation, the scale of which has increased significantly since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. As companies that are actively distributing fakes NATO called Sputnik and RT.

This was reported by Reuters, citing the official representative of NATO Oana Lungescu.

As an example of misinformation, Lungescu led published by the Russian website the message about the alleged drawing by Romanian NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. They talked to him allegedly on behalf of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

“This conversation never happened and this is a typical example of misinformation,” said Lungescu.

Another example of misinformation, according to her publication in July 2016, Sputnik, RT, and other Russian news sites about the fire at a NATO base in Izmir, calling it deliberate sabotage after a coup attempt in Turkey. “We contacted Sputnik, RT, and others to contribute to fix the news, because the fire occurred in the woods at a distance from the base and had nothing to do with it,” said Lungescu.

With 2014 on the website of the Alliance “collected 32 Russian myths about NATO”, which is systematically used in materials Sputnik, RT and other media in the possession or under the control of the Russian government.

We will remind that the USA is planning to open a center for conducting information war with Russia.

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  1. Oh dear. RT said the fire in Turkey was NEAR the NATO base, not at it or in it. Is this really the best the NATO war machine can do? Stephen Green – Christian Voice UK

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