NATO: Undeclared military exercises Russia only worsen relations with the Alliance

НАТО: Необъявленные военные учения России только ухудшают отношения с Альянсом

The Alliance drew attention that Russia is increasingly satisfied with the unannounced military exercises under the pretext of inspections of combat readiness of their troops. This worsens its relations with NATO, said the Deputy Secretary-General of NATO Alexander Vershbow, reports “Radio Freedom”.

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Over the past two years has more than a dozen such exercises, he said during a visit to Romania.

He recalled that NATO such checks were not satisfied since the end of the cold war.

According to Vershbow, NATO would like to increase the transparency and predictability in relations with Russia, which is now “very unsatisfactory” and to stabilize them.

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But, the head of NATO if Moscow is also interested in stability and predictability, these “readiness test” does not lead to this goal.

Earlier, Vershbow said that NATO’s presence in the Black sea may increase.

We will remind, in August the Ukrainian border guards recorded the highest activity of the armed forces of the Russian Federation on the administrative border with the Crimea. It was noted that the activity of Russian troops near the administrative border of the occupied Crimea and Kherson region can be associated with the preparation of any provocation.