NATO will allocate 3 billion euros to the adaptation of satellite systems to new threats

НАТО выделит 3 млрд евро на адаптацию спутниковых систем к новым угрозам

NATO plans to allocate 3 billion euros over the next three years for the modernization of satellite systems to adapt to new threats. On it informs Agency Reuters.

“The desire to cope with hackers and other threats, including the Iranian missiles, with investments suggests that NATO admitted that conflicts are increasingly conducted over computer networks, but also in the air, on land and at sea,” – said the Agency.

A senior official of the Agency of communication and information, NATO announced that the plans include investments in satellite communications in the amount of 1.7 billion euros for the best support the troops and ships deployed in the framework of the Alliance, and to aid in the use of drones.

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Proposals in respect of which certain funds must be approved by the governments of NATO, also include the costs of around 800 million euros on a computer system, which help to command air and missile defense.

EUR 71 million will go towards improving the protection of 32 main places NATO from cyber-attacks.

NATO says that over the last three years have seen a fivefold increase in suspicious events to its networks, while the Russian APT28 group accused Western intelligence of hacking into the Democratic party during last year’s elections in the United States.

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NATO officials told Reuters that they suspect that Russia is sponsoring an attack on their network before major summits.

Another 180 million euros will be spent on safer mobile communications for the military Alliance.

As reported, in Estonia will be teaching the fighters of NATO.

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