Natspolitsiya eliminate paramilitary guards

Нацполиция ликвидирует военизированную охрану

Interior Ministry eliminates paramilitary guards

The reason for the elimination was a journalistic investigation, which stated the illegality of this Department.

In Ukraine began the elimination of the Department militarized guard the Safety of life, after the publication of journalistic investigation program of the Scheme. On Thursday, October 4, Radio Liberty reports.

It is noted that journalists exposed illegal creation, existence and activities of this Department.

On the elimination stated in the response of the Department of police protection at the request of the Schemes on the activities of this Department.

However, journalists are waiting for a response to another query on what will be the fate of employees of this Department: will they be transferred to another Department or unit in the structure of national police or the Ministry of interior.

Earlier, the journalists said that the creation, existence and activities of the Department militarized guard the Safety of life in the structure of national police is contrary to applicable law, and workers can use to protect private or political interests of the environment management of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

Нацполиция ликвидирует военизированную охрану



Earlier it was reported that the Service vehicles were allowed to use batons and tasers and tear gas.

We will remind, last year the Cabinet approved the rules of crowd control. In particular, it is allowed to use water cannons, but were forbidden to use tear gas.

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