Natspolitsiya establishes the identity of the victims in the explosion of a car in Lviv region

Нацполиция устанавливает личности погибших при взрыве авто во Львовской области

Natspolitsiya ustonavlivaet the identity of the victims in the explosion of a car in Lviv region. This broadcast channel “112 Ukraine” was declared by the speaker of GU-Ukraine in Lviv region Svetlana Dobrovolskaya.

“We know that the victim is a resident born in 1992. Personality dead set”, she said.

According to her, we have solved the issue of opening of criminal proceedings.

Previously in the Old Village of the Lviv region as a result of the explosion of the Mercedes SUV killed three people. This reports the press service of the Lviv police. An explosion occurred today at about 10:30. On a scene works it is investigative-task force, experts-bomb experts and employees of other services. It is reported that the car belongs to one of Lviv enterprises. The explosion killed three men. Another passenger of the car sustained injuries and was hospitalized.

It became known later that the car “Mercedes”, which today blew up and fired automatic weapons in Pustomytovskiy area of Lvov region belonged to OJSC Lviv Khladokombinat”. Note that according to the Unified register of legal entities Bogdan Kopytko is the owner of the plant, and the Old Village, next to which the explosion occurred, is the place of its registration.