Naughty children often suffer from insomnia in adulthood – the scientists

Непослушные дети чаще страдают от бессонницы в зрелом возрасте – ученые

There is a connection between a troubled childhood and insomnia

Children who behaved naughty aged 5-10 years, more likely to have sleep problems later in life.

Australian researchers found that anxious children often suffer from insomnia in adulthood, according to JAMA Network Open.

According to the study, children who did not comply with the order of the day and had some behavior problems, often faced with insomnia in adulthood.

Experts analyzed a database containing information about 16 thousand people. Data were collected about the people whose age was five years, 16 and 42 years.

Insomnia is usually suffered by those who have demonstrated inappropriate behavior at the age of five or ten years. Such children are usually irritable and had bullied others.

The use of gadgets before you sleep affects health − scientists

Earlier, scientists have established a link between insomnia and the occurrence of suicidal thoughts.

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