Nazis in the army. In Germany the plot was uncovered

Нацисты в армии. В Германии раскрыли заговор

Among the conspirators could be soldiers of the elite German special forces

The Bundeswehr has revealed a group of about 200 soldiers who were preparing political murders, the press writes. But in Germany despite the resounding title the investigation of particular resonance is not caused.

Inside of the Bundeswehr exposed a group of right-wing extremists, writes the German edition of Focus.

According to press reports, the conspirators planned the assassination of political leaders and leaders of associations of immigrants. The investigation conducted by the Federal criminal police office of Germany. collected details of the resonance of history.


According to Focus, the conspiracy failed to disclose during the investigation of a man named Franco A. apparently, we are talking about the suspect, who was detained in April 2018. Franco A., an officer of the Bundeswehr, he is suspected of training violent crimes motivated by racial hatred.

Lieutenant Franco A. was born in 1989. For the first time about his right-wing views became known from his master’s thesis he wrote while studying in a Special military school of Saint-Cyr in the French Bretagne. The present racist stereotypes about “the extinction of European races”, and it was reported in the Bundeswehr. But when he was interviewed about this, Franco A. stated that he had been misunderstood and complained about the lack of scientific management. As a result, Franco A. received a verbal warning and was able to continue his studies and serve in the Bundeswehr. In July 2014, he wrote another master’s thesis.

30 Dec 2015 Franco A. came to the refugee reception centre in Giessen and called David Benjamin, a Syrian Christian and a fruit seller from Damascus, who had French roots. He stated that he was persecuted at home because of their faith and Jewish name. In the end he believed and registered as a refugee.

In addition, despite the lack of permission to bear arms, Franco A. somewhere took the gun 17 caliber during the Second world war. He later claimed that he had found this gun at the end of January 2017 in the bushes during the officers ball in Vienna, being very drunk. He claims that he remembered about the gun, finding it in my pocket the next morning, when he was at the airport, and hid the weapon in the toilet for people with disabilities. This gun was discovered and brought to Franco A. the attention of law enforcement. 3 February 2017, when he wanted to pick up a gun, he was arrested.

After his arrest discovered fake identity Franco A. as “Syrian refugee”. He claimed that he wanted to document “a chaotic registration” of refugees, and the gun was going to alert the authorities.

After Lieutenant Franco A. has come to the attention of the police, was discovered by his alleged accomplices. Investigators believed that he was planning violent acts that could harm the state.


26 APR 2017 A. Franco was arrested at the infantry training Center in Hammelburg. Also arrested was a student at the Technical University of Central Hesse in Friedberg Mathias F., which, according to the investigation, was his accomplice.

After the arrests of 90 police officers searched 16 properties in Germany, Austria and France, the apartments are both suspects, but also other people from their surroundings and premises of the Bundeswehr.

Mathias F. has discovered more than 1,000 rounds of reserves of the Bundeswehr, which, he said, came from Franco A., as well as detonators and other parts of hand grenades.

9 may 2017, the police arrested the Lieutenant Maximilian T., another alleged accomplice, Franco A., who was a member of the party AfD – right German party Alternative for Germany.

According to Focus, in the field of view was a little-known U.S. organization that unites more than a thousand mostly members of the elite army special forces KSK and police, as well as several doctors, lawyers and engineers.

Citing witnesses, writes Focus on the possible mesh network, consisting of “about 200” members of the U. who “did not stop before the targeted killings of political opponents”. Confirmation of this information from other sources.

People about whom writes Focus, supposedly brings together not only military service, but belonging to the so-called “survivalist”, or as they are called in Germany – prepare (Prepper), from English to be prepared, to be ready. It is marginal, but common in many Western countries public course, proponents of which believe in the imminent end of the world or a major disaster and preparing for it – stockpiling food, weapons, fuel, other basic needs, some build bunkers.

Who wanted to attack

According to Focus, the number of people planned the assassination of the leader of the left in the Bundestag, Dietmar Bartsch. British tabloid the Daily Mail claims that the list was also foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas, former President Joachim gauck and one of the leaders of the Green Claudia Roth.

In addition, attacks were planned for leaders of associations of immigrants. The Daily Mail calls the participants of a conspiracy by neo-Nazis.

The material Focus says that the police investigation revealed that in chats and in real meetings the members of the group discussed specific plans for the “Day X”, which was supposed to be committed murder.

Focus also writes that was created by the secret storage of weapons and the storage of fuel, and the participants of the conspiracy were members of the Association of soldiers of elite units and members of special forces team. According to Mail Online, they also organized training camps on the borders of Austria and Switzerland.

Influential assistant

A police investigation prevented the 42-year-old Lieutenant Colonel in military intelligence, who warned the group about the RAID and told about the investigation. Against him were indicted, which must consider the court of Cologne.

That against the Colonel of the military counter-intelligence allegations, also confirmed the press Secretary of the Ministry of defense of Germany Jens Flosdorff.

The reaction in Germany

“You may feel that Germany was on the verge of a military coup, and the army created an underground structure, waiting in the wings, to come to power and deal with the well-known left-wing politicians – almost 100 years ago, writes DW.

“In fact it is not. Rather, we are talking about a possible threat, the scale of which is yet to be seen consequence. Unlike Russia, in Germany, this message has not yet caused a wide resonance”, – notes the edition.