NBA. 100% duel: Howard and towns today is not missed

НБА. 100% дуэль: Ховард и Таунс сегодня не промахивались

Dwight Howard

Center Atlanta and Minnesota have shown today excellent implementation.

Today, the Minnesota Timberwolves had guests from Atlanta. Just five days ago these teams met in Georgia, and today played in Minneapolis.

Compared to the previous match in Atlanta in a team starting center Dwight Howard, his main objective was the neutralization of the leader of the rivals in the person of Karl-Anthony Towns. Note that Howard will likely not cope with this task, as well as the towns failed to contain Dwight.

Both players in this match is not missed from the game. On account of Howard 9 shots out of 9 attempts, the only shot that did not hit the target, it was one of the three free throws. Just on account of Howard’s 20 points and 12 rebounds (6 in attack).

Best rookie last year sold at one shot less, but 8 of his attempts – three were long-range shots. Just on account of Townes 22 points and 11 rebounds.

We offer you to look at the duel between the two begmanov.

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