NBA. Achievements of the day. Boston does not do a triple-double, Warriors series

НБА. Достижения дня. Бостон не дает делать трипл-даблы, серия Воинов

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Boston allows opponents to do a triple-double

Today Boston was visiting in Oklahoma city, where he met with the local team, whose leader Russell Westbrook is “fire”. On account of the defender was 7 matches in a row in which he designed a triple-double.

In the match against Celtic Westbrook failed to continue his series as I’ve been able to give only 6 assists per night, adding 37 points and 12 rebounds.

Thus, Boston has brought the number of consecutive matches in which players of the opponents will not be issued TRPL-doubles to 226 matches – the longest current streak.

If clay the best Warriors win

In today’s game against Minnesota, klay Thompson scored 30 points, which was the best figure in the camp of the Golden state.

It was just the sixth game of the season, when Thompson became the most productive player of his team after the match. Note that all of the six matches ended with the victory of the Soldiers.

Golden state did not lose back-to-Becky

Today, the Warriors played their second game in two days, the so-called back-to-back. After the victory against the wolves, Golden state did not lose back-to-backlinks for the past 111 games, the most ever in NBA history.

Fraser scored the first triple-double

On account of the point guard of new Orleans Tim Frazier in the match against the Phoenix with 14 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists, and 5 steals and 1 block-shot in 38 minutes.

Fraser became the ninth player in season 2016/17, who managed to make a triple-double. The playmaker joined the Russell Westbrook, James Harden, LeBron James, Yannis, Adetokumbo, Brand Gazaly, Chris Sex, Radionu Rondo and Julius Randle.

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