NBA. Achievements of the day. Golden state out on the championship schedule

НБА. Достижения дня. Голден Стэйт выходят на чемпионский график

We offer you to familiarize with the achievements of teams and NBA players after today.

Triple-double Westbrook

We already reported that after tonight on account of Russell Westbrook average a triple double for the season. Note, a few of his accomplishments.

Triple-double in the match against new York was for Russell in season 8, all the other players in the League have scored the same number of TD.

Westbrook took one game fewer (19) than Oscar Robertson in his record-breaking season to reach the triple-double average.

In addition, Westbrook showed the third result on the number of games (19), after which his account was a triple-double average (Robertson has been held for 79 matches and 63).

Golden state has reached the level record of the season

After today’s victory against Atlanta Warriors have records of wins/losses 16-2. Thus, the percentage of wins they have reached the level of last season, which was a record for NBA.

In addition, for the fourth time in franchise history, the Warriors record of 12 wins in a row.

Also after this match Golden state brought the indicators of win/loss in matches with 100+ points until the 16:0, at the same time as the other matches ended with defeats (0:2).

Greene is the first player with three blocks at the end of the match

Forward of the Golden state draymond the green is the only player in the NBA this season, who blocked 3 shots rivals in the final 3 minutes of the fourth quarter of the game.

Cousins is the first kings player after Webber with 30 + points in 4 consecutive games

Today Sacramento center Demarcus cousins scored 36 points and 20 rebounds. Four consecutive games cousins gaining 30 or more points, having caught up on this indicator Chris Webber (2001).

In addition, cousins noted, and not very radosnym achievement. He has lost the 4th game for the last 5 years, in which he scored 35 points and 20 rebounds. In the rest of the League, this case was only one.

НБА. Достижения дня. Голден Стэйт выходят на чемпионский график

Whiteside – the first after Morning

Miami center Hassan Whiteside scored 20+ points and 10+ rebounds for just one second half of the match.

He became the first player to Hit since Alonzo Mourning (1997), vouchsafed to such.

Lowry hit the highest number of three without mistakes

Defender Toronto Kyle Lowry today sold 6 of 6 three-pointers per game. Still no player in franchise history not mentioned so far is the amount of fine, while never missing.

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