NBA. Achievements of the day. LeBron is the first ever, record of Sex

НБА. Достижения дня. ЛеБрон – первый в истории, рекорд Пола

iSport is another portion of interesting achievements NBA players.

LeBron with the first 27000+7000+7000

Cleveland forward LeBron James in the game with Charlotte scored 10 of the assists. Now on his account 7006 assists in his career.

Given that James also has in its portfolio 27359 7229 points and rebounds, he is the first player who in his career to score more than 27 points and 7 thousand thousand rebounds and assists.



James caught up with Jordan

To the above-mentioned 10 assists, LeBron sketched in the ring Charlotte 44 points, which became the best indicator of the season. In addition, for the forward, it was the 9th match in a career in which he scored 40+ points and 10+ assists.

According to this indicator, he caught up with Michael Jordan, and now occupies 5-e a place in history. Leader Oscar Roberson with such an incredible 46 matches.


Paul gave 20 assists without losing the ball

Clippers point guard Chris Paul, in the match against new Orleans scored 20 points and 20 assists. At the same time, he managed to do without losses.

Paul became the first player in history (after losses began to consider statistics in 1978), who managed to score 20 points and give 20 assists without loss.

The last player who was able to give 20 assists, not losing the ball, was Utah point guard Ricky green, who noted similar in the match with Atlanta in the season of 1983/84.


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