NBA: Boston got the first draft pick in 2017

НБА: Бостон получил первый пик драфта-2017

Held a draft lottery in the strongest basketball League in the world.

On Tuesday, may 16, held a lottery draft pick in 2017. Boston has the best chance of the first peak (25%), were given the right to choose first.

Despite the fact that teams playing in the playoffs, not participating in the lottery, Boston got it right thanks to the exchange of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry to Brooklyn in 2013.

It is worth noting, for the first time in 33-year history of the draft lottery, the Celtics became the first finalists who have received the first number.

Thus, teams will select in the draft in the following order:

1. Boston
2. Lakers
3. Philadelphia
4. Phoenix
5. Sacramento
6. Orlando
7. Mn
8. Knicks
9. Dallas
10. Sacramento
11. Charlotte
12. Detroit
13. Denver
14. Miami

Note that the main contenders for the choice number are Markel, fults (University of Washington) and Lonzo ball (UCLA).

According to the materials: