NBA. Curry said that he could move to Charlotte

НБА. Карри заявил, что может перебраться в Шарлотт

Steph Curry

Golden state point guard Steph Curry said that he misses the city of Charlotte.

Most valuable player two predydushih regular Championships do not exclude that will return to his hometown of Charlotte and will be playing for the hornets.

“Will I be considering moving to Charlotte next summer? I don’t know.

My plan is moving to Charlotte. But I would not say that I think about it every day. Obviously I’m closely associated with this city and would like to play there. I am very comfortable here. It is difficult to say what the situation will be next summer,” said Curry of The Charlotte Observer.

Recall that Curry was born in Akron, hometown of LeBron James, but spent his childhood in Charlotte. Curry have their own house in the city, in addition, his parents live here.

In 18 games this season, Curry receives on average 26.6 points per game, swiping the floor of 33.5 minutes.

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