NBA. Davis will lose about $ 25 million

НБА. Дэвис потеряет около 25 млн долларов

Forward new Orleans Anthony Davis had lost about $ 25 million for a spot in the national team all NBA players.

Yesterday, the official website of the NBA, announced teams the Best NBA players of the 2015/16 season. The great man Pelicans Anthony Davis was not selected journalists in any of the teams.

Davis has received from voters in just 72 points, with only one journalist put him in the first team.

So Anthony will lose $ 25 million for the next contract. The fact that a collective agreement has a clause “rule of Derrick rose,” according to which any player playing on a rookie contract (first four years selected in the first round of the players and three years for the selected second) reaches one of the goals (to come out twice to start the All-Star game, two times hits all-star teams in season or becomes the MVP of that season) may receive a maximum contract, in the first year, which salary may be equal to 30% of the salary cap.

In the case of Davis, it would allow him to earn around 145 million.

For the first four years of career, once Davis was selected to start the all-star game and once got in team of the season. Now he will get only 25% of the salary cap in the first season, which is slightly more than $ 120 million.

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