NBA. Lew did not want the dismissal Blatt

НБА. Лью не хотел увольнения Блатта

Kyrie Irving and Tyrone Lew

The head coach of the Cleveland Tyrone Lew has asked the Cavaliers to fire David Blatt.

Tyrone Lew was shocked by the news of the resignation of the previous steering team David Blatt, reports Lew has asked the government to reconsider, arguing that it is a hasty decision.

The source said that the General Manager of the Cavaliers David Griffin called the specialist on the 22nd of January and invited Tyrone to lead the team because Blatt fired.

Upon hearing the news of resignation, the then assistant head coach in response swore, and then another few minutes trying to explain that the resignation of a coach in a situation when the leading team in the conference with the figure 30-11 is too radical.

Griffin listened to Lew and said nothing to change, the decision is made.

Then the owner once again invited the American to take command, but Liu, realizing that you will not be able to save Blatt, accepted the offer.

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