NBA. Mejri denied that he had insulted the family Arise

НБА. Межри отрицает, что оскорблял семью Аризы

Fat Meiri

Center Dallas Fat Meiri responded to the announcement in his address from the players of Houston.

After yesterday’s duel between the Mavericks and the rockets players expressed dissatisfaction with the behavior of their rivals.

In particular, they talked about the numerous provocations from the players of Dallas, including stated and that Fat Mejri allowed himself to insults toward the wife and children of the player Houston Trevor Ariza.

On this situation he Sala responded with a message on Twitter:

There is always 2 sides to every story.I would never insult an opponent’s family regardless of how much a player insulted me repeatedly

– Salah Mejri (@50Mejri) 28 Dec 2016

“Every story can be told from two sides. I would never insult the family of the enemy, even if the enemy repeatedly insulted me.

I believe that all players should treat each other with mutual respect. Let’s play basketball! Happy holidays everyone.”

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