NBA. Philadelphia is able to trade Okafor or Noel

НБА. Филадельфия может обменять Окафора или Ноэля

The management of the Philadelphia Sixers is considering the possibility of sharing their big.

Philadelphia Sixers continues to look for options convert command. The team, which is in the process of restructuring, managed to bore this for not only fans, tired of waiting victories, but the owners of the franchise.

Brian Colangelo, appointed to the position of President for basketball operations in April, seems to have decided to speed up the construction of Philadelphia as a competitive team, and is willing to sacrifice for the sake of young talents of the group. Jalil Okafor (3rd draft pick 2015) and nerlens Noel (6th pick of 2013), Colangelo are considered as possible candidates for the exchange.

The coexistence of two large on-site and without having not always necessary. Now, with the alleged return of Joel Embiid (another young center, a 3rd draft pick 2014 still has not debuted in the NBA because of injuries), saturation center in the team from Pennsylvania visible to the naked eye.

If we add to this the possible strengthening of Europe in the face of heavy forward Dario Saric, who can also play at the center position and the first pick in the draft-2016, the exchange someone of the couple Okafor, he now looks, to some extent, even necessary.

Both players are seen as future stars of the NBA and both have a place in the composition of the top five best rookies in the League. Last season, Noel played for the Sixers in 67 games in which statistics were given to 11.1 points and 8.1 rebounds per game.

On account of Okafor 53 of the match and 17.5 points and 7 rebounds in an average match.

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