NBU during the week bought on the interbank market of $40 million

НБУ за неделю купил на межбанке $40 млн

The Building Of The National Bank Of Ukraine

The regulator intervenes in the form of a request a better rate.

The national Bank of Ukraine in the first week of 2018 bought on the interbank currency market $40 million through intervention in the form of a request a better rate. This was reported on the website of the regulator.

It is also noted that in the last week of 2017 NBU bought on the interbank market through intervention in the form of request best rate of $3 million, and sold $25 million

Recall, the NBU in October 2016, confirmed the order of a new form of currency intervention request is the best course, according to the approved strategy currency interventions of the NBU for 2016-2020.

To conduct this type of intervention, the NBU makes a request from the banks the price of the purchase and sale of foreign currency through the trading information system (TIS). After receiving the proposals of banks, the NBU makes a deal with the Bank that offered the best price.

As reported Корреспондент.neton 9 January, the hryvnia on the interbank market dropped to 28,26, UAH/$1 UAH 28,195/$1 on the previous working day.

Recall, the Cabinet laid in the budget of the 2018 dollar exchange rate to 30.1 UAH/$.

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