NBU for the first time in seven months wants to buy currency on the interbank market

НБУ впервые за семь месяцев хочет купить валюту на межбанке

The NBU on Wednesday announced the auction for the purchase of up to $100 million

The national Bank of Ukraine has entered the interbank market with the offer to purchase currency, announced the auction.

The national Bank of Ukraine announced an auction for the purchase of up to $ 100 million after a seven-month absence in the interbank market in this operation. This is stated in the message controller Wednesday, November 7.

According to the national Bank reference exchange rate of hryvnia to the dollar on the interbank foreign exchange market in the previous trading strengthened from 28.02 to 27.96 UAH UAH.

Last time NBU bought foreign currency in the interbank auction on 6 April this year the regulator bought 50,7 million dollars. the weighted average exchange rate at 26, 05 UAH.

Ukrainian business has given currency forecast to 2019

Recall, the NBU has set today the official exchange rates at level:

– $ 100 – 2 795,584 (-5,9473 UAH);

– 100 Euro – 3 194,7934 hryvnia (+9,4523 UAH).


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