NBU normalized the conduct cash transactions in local currency

НБУ нормировал ведение кассовых операций в гривне

The NBU adopted the innovations with respect to cash operations in national currency

Regulations on conducting cash transactions in national currency in force on Friday 5 January.

National Bank of Ukraine is normalized and the procedure of conducting cash operations in national currency in Ukraine in connection with the renewal of the Ukrainian legislation. This was reported in NBU, write Ukrainian news.

The provision includes a number of innovations, including the so-called “pneumatic system” – the possibility of the company collection of cash proceeds received from sales of products (goods, works, services), for further delivery to the Bank with the use of complex hardware and software located in the place of cash payments, securely transfer funds from the working places of cashiers in a specially equipped room for storage and subsequent delivery of cash to banks.

Also provides for the delivery of cash receipts to the Bank via businesses that received the NBU license for the provision of Bank services collection.

In addition, there is the possibility of assigning the functions of cashier for the worker from another company, attracted on the basis of the concluded contract on rendering services on provision of personnel.

Also, the NBU liberalized a number of requirements to conduct cash transactions.

Earlier, the NBU decided to reduce the amount of required reserves that banks must keep on correspondent accounts with the Central Bank daily on the beginning of operational day.