NCAA. Bliznyuk gaining a record number of points

NCAA. Близнюк набирает рекордное количество очков

Bogdan Bliznyuk

Ukrainian Bogdan Bliznyuk had another quality game for Eastern Washington University.

Eastern Washington met with University Morhead state, which won only two games out of eight before the meeting.

The Ukrainian striker, who two weeks in a row became the best player of the conference, this match also showed itself in all its glory.

40 minutes on the court, the native of Lutsk scored 34 points, which was his best figure in a student’s career. For this Bogdano needed to fulfill 19 shots from the game (3 long), which he sold 13 (one far). He also as much as 10-times was at the free-throw line, and managed to implement 7 shots.

In the asset Bliznyuk also just two rebounds and five assists. Liabilities as many as five losses and two fouls.

Note that in opposition to the eagles in overtime turned out to be stronger team Bliznyuk 88:86.

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