NCAA. Twin the best part of Washington

NCAA. Близнюк лучший в составе Вашингтона

After a couple of unsuccessful matches, the native of Lutsk Bogdan Bliznyuk again became the best in his team.

The team of the University of Eastern Washington is still unable to find his game. Tonight the Eagles lost for the third successive match. This time their flight was interrupted by representatives of the University of Colorado – 68:76.

Encouraging only that the best part of the loser became the Ukrainian Bogdan Bliznyuk. In 38 minutes on the floor on account of his 25 points (3/5-3 points, 6/15 – 2 points, 4/5 – penalty), 5 rebounds, 5 assists and 1 steal. Add that twin was the best in scoring in both teams.

Next match the team Bliznyuk will be held in the eve of the new year, on the night of December 30, it will face the University of Idaho.

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