Ncorpus arranged in Kherson picket with smoke bombs

Нацкорпус устроил в Херсоне пикет с дымовыми шашками

The Prosecutor agreed to talk with the protesters only after they lit smoke bombs

About a hundred activists demand a fair investigation into the attack on Catherine Gandzyuk.

In Kherson on Wednesday, August 1, representatives of Ncorpus picketed the building of Ukraine in Kherson, and then lit the smoke bombs under the regional Prosecutor’s office. The reason for the protests was the attack of acid on the official Catherine Gandzyuk, which occurred the day before.

Those present at the rally said they came to support Gandzyuk, and to demand a report on the investigation into other attacks on activists and journalists, representatives of the organization in Facebook.

Journalist Sergei Nikitenko said that the Prosecutor’s office initially refused to go to the picketers. But when representatives of Ncorpus lit smoke bombs, they still took the Prosecutor.

Protesters now communicate with the Prosecutor.

As reported, the morning of 31 July in Kherson unknown poured acid over the employee of city Council Catherine Gandzyuk.

Today local edition of Kherson Daily reports that the victim is transported to Kiev. A lawyer Masi Nayyem said that the examination has established, what exactly doused Gandzyuk. It was concentrated sulfuric acid.

We will remind, earlier in Russia the school was splashed acid in her face from the window of the house.