Ncorpus broke to Poroshenko in Cherkasy

Нацкорпус прорывался к Порошенко в Черкассах

The nationalists managed to break through to the stage where one of them addressed people with it.

The activists of the National housing and Razdrogin tried to break through to Petro Poroshenko during his speech in Cherkassy. This was reported on page Ncorpus in Facebook on Saturday, March 9.

Judging by the published videos, the nationalists came to the President’s speech at the Palace of Friendship of peoples in Cherkassy, when the stage sounded the anthem of Ukraine. They wanted to go to the scene, but they were prevented by militiamen. The violence began. At this point, drove the car of the motorcade of the President.

Then the representatives of Ncorpus began to burst on the scene, chanting: “Svinarchuk behind bars!”. One of the activists managed to speak to the people a speech.

After that, the activists went to the building of the Cherkasy regional state administration.

“The President did not want to talk to people and fled the city. Therefore, the national case went to the Governor of Cherkasy Alexander Veluwse demand an explanation”, – said the nationalist.

Recall, March 9 activists of Nazarus and Razdrogin gathered on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv with the requirement to investigate the theft in the defense industry and to “put Svinarchuk”, the father, the son, and to confiscate their property.

After the rally on independence nationalists went to the presidential Administration where clashes with security forces. A huge column began to emphasize on the police, those wearing gas masks and used tear gas. The confrontation resulted in the injured three security men.

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