Near an Egyptian temple found a new statue of the Sphinx

Возле египетского храма нашли новую статую сфинкса

Archaeologists found a Sandstone during the works on the project of lowering the groundwater level.

In the temple near Aswan Egyptian archaeological mission discovered a statue of the Sphinx of Sandstone. It is reported by the Ministry of antiquities of the country in Facebook.

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of antiquities of Egypt Mustafa Vaziri explained that the statue, probably belongs to the Ptolemaic period (331 BC − 31 BC).

The head of the organization of the Aswan antiquities Abdel Abdul Sayid said that they plan to conduct more archaeological research to obtain new information about the Sphinx.

We will remind, in August, during a road repair in the Egyptian Luxor workers have discovered a new statue of the Sphinx.

Archaeologists have found belonging to Cleopatra ancient relics

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