Near Chernigov, a drunk driver knocked down three children

Под Черниговом пьяный водитель сбил трех детей

As a result of hitting 7-year-old boy died on the spot.

In Chernihiv region police detained a drunk driver who has made arrival on the three children, according to the national police.

“About 20:45 the duty of the police received the message about the accident on the road between the villages Lashuky and Smychyn gorodnyansky district, in which children suffered”, – is spoken in the message.

It is established that 45-the summer driver of the Ford Focus, while in a state of intoxication, has not coped with management and has made arrival on three minor children – boys 2003 and 2009 years of birth and a three year old girl.

As a result of hitting 7-year-old boy from traumatized died on the spot and two others with serious injuries taken to children’s hospital.

According to the results of the medical examination the driver was in an alcohol intoxication level of blood alcohol content of 1.6 ppm.

The accident opened criminal proceedings.

Earlier, on 14 June in Kherson the car hit a family in a crosswalk.