Near Jerusalem found the remains of the city age 9000 years

Под Иерусалимом нашли остатки города возрастом 9000 лет

The city dates back to the Neolithic era

In the city, according to scientists, lived about three thousand people. He dated the Neolithic era.

Near Jerusalem Israeli scientists have discovered the remains of an ancient city, Dating from the Neolithic period. In it, according to experts, lived about three thousand people. This writes Haaretz.

Discovered there was a settlement in the course of the expansion highways. The discovery, according to the researchers, changes the view of ancient Judea as about the periphery of the ancient world in a desolate and isolated region.

“For the first time in Israel, a find so large a settlement of the Neolithic period, there existed nine thousand years ago. Lived here at least two or three thousand people – a scale comparable to modern cities,” – noted in a press release.

Archaeologists have discovered the ruins of a large residential houses as well as places of worship and public buildings.

Also found were artifacts – some thousands of silicon arrowheads and sickles, knives, and ax, jewelry and miniature sculptures.

What artifacts were found from obsidian, tells about the development of relations with other parts of the ancient world.

“Until now it was thought that the area of Judea was deserted and settlements of this size only existed on the opposite Bank of the river Jordan or in the Northern part of the Levant,” say the historians.

Earlier it was reported that archaeologists allegedly discovered in Israel an ancient city of Ziklag.

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