Near Kharkov noticed a new missile system

Под Харьковом заметили новый ракетный комплекс

Photo missile system Grom-2 appeared in the Network.

The chassis layout of self-propelled launchers operational-tactical missile complex (PTRC) Thunder-2, developed by the Dnipropetrovsk “KB Yuzhnoe”, posted on the Internet.

“I went to study in Kharkov and met this design, I assume that this MWTP. Who will help to identify and understand the purpose?” – wrote a user on one of the forums. The photo aroused the interest of all the participants.

The design identified as operational-tactical missile system Grom. It is used to defeat single and group stationary targets at distances from 50 to 280 kilometers, according to other sources – up to 450 kilometers.

Под Харьковом заметили новый ракетный комплекс

Assembly of the layout

Platform PTRC presented the car with the wheel formula 10×10, developed and produced by the state enterprise “Kharkov design Bureau of machine building named after A. A. Morozov” (KMDB). Apparently, this was done with units of KrAZ vehicles and imported components. It is expected that the self-propelled launcher will be equipped with two transport-launch containers with ballistic missiles PTRC “Thunder-2”.

Под Харьковом заметили новый ракетный комплекс

Project Thunder-2

The development of the PTRC Thunder is “CB South” in cooperation with the state enterprise “NPO Pavlograd chemical plant” in 2013 instead of the coiled the project PTRC “Peregrine Falcon”. With 2015, the project received the designation as the “Thunder-2”. Actually works are carried out on request and at the expense of Saudi Arabia, who issued a contract in early 2015.

We will remind, earlier Ukraine repeatedly tested a missile complex Alder.

There was a video of the launch of a new North Korean missiles