Near Kherson detained a gang of room thieves

Под Херсоном задержали банду квартирных воров

Police arrested four suspects

Group of room thieves made thefts in houses of businessmen in different areas of the country.

In the Kherson region law enforcement officers detained the participants of the “ethnic interregional criminal group” suspected of committing burglaries in different regions of Ukraine. On Monday, April 22, the press service of the police Department in Kherson region.

It is noted that victims of crime was solely the entrepreneurs.

The group included four men aged 36 to 57 years, living in different regions of Ukraine. 36-the summer earlier judged the organizer clearly planned the work of the group, potential victims have established supervision and have studied their routine, to select a convenient time to commit a theft.

Door locks were broken into organizer directly, and he also stole money from home from safes and expensive equipment, while one accomplice was on duty at the entrance, the other two waited in the BMW.

Last victim of criminals became a businessman from the town of Nova Kakhovka, which thieves stole over a hundred thousand, and four thousand dollars, jewelry and expensive equipment.

The criminals were detained owing to planned police operations, with the participation of special forces soldiers.

It is noted that the attackers were divided and tried separately to run in the Nikolaev area, but the police had anticipated this and caught everyone.

One of the accomplices was detained on the long-distance bus station, when he sat in the bus message Kherson-Nikolaev. Another participant, police detained on the road that connects Kherson with Nikolaev. The man moved the BMW car and during a search of the vehicle police seized the money of the victim and other stolen things. Organizer and his accomplice, police detained at the railway crossing of Kherson in the cab.

The police said that during the arrest the suspects removed several sets of keys for hacking various types of door locks, mobile phones, Bank cards, multiple keys, gloves and other evidence of their criminal activities.

Detainees check on participation in Commission of similar crimes in the territory of the Kherson and other areas.

On this fact openly criminal proceedings. The suspects could face five to eight years of imprisonment. The organizer and one of the participants arrested with the right of Deposit in the amount of 150 thousand hryvnia, now they are in prison. The other two are detained, the question on election of a measure of restraint.



We will remind, last week in Odessa robbed exchanger. The total amount stolen exceeds 60 thousand hryvnias.

Earlier in Kiev unknown robbed the apartment of a police officer.


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