Near Kiev at the bus stop found a bag with a grenade

Под Киевом на автобусной остановке нашли сумку с гранатой

In addition to grenades in the bag was ammunition and a mobile phone.

In the village. Kotsyubinskoe Kiev region at the bus stop found a bag with a grenade. Suspicious bag the law enforcement officers said a local resident at 00.20 on Monday, March 20, informs the regional police.

At the address immediately arrived investigative team of the police and workers of explosion-technical service. In the bag police found and seized a muzzle-loading grenade “VOG 25” caliber 40 mm, 7 rounds of 7.62 mm. Also with the scene and removed the SIM card, mobile phone, charger and battery for the phone.

Earlier in Solomenskiy district of Kiev at the entrance of the house found an Arsenal of weapons, wrapped in clothes.