Near Kiev built the largest roof solar power station

Под Киевом построили крупнейшую кровельную солнечную электростанцию

Solar power plant on the roof of a mink farm

Solar power plant near Kiev became the largest in Ukraine, was constructed on top of a mink farm.

In the Kiev region has built the country’s largest roof photovoltaic power station Studencheskaya FES. It can produce 150 thousand of regional households with clean electricity. This was reported in Association fur breeders.

It is known that built on the roofs of buildings a mink farm, the facility will annually provide approximately 15 million kWh and has a capacity of 12.4 MW. Experts believe that with its help it is possible to reduce harmful CO2 emissions by 15 thousand tons per year.

Farm Director notes that nowhere in Europe there is no such scale project. He stressed that after research, experts have determined the best place for installing solar panels. They will protect animals from high temperatures and improve the welfare of mink.

“So we European have combined farming with green energy,” he told farm Director Alexander klimets.

“Perscom” – one of the two mink farm that works according to European standards and is certified WelFur.

Earlier in the Dnipropetrovsk region, earned the largest in Ukraine solar power plant. She got to the three most powerful power plants in Europe.

Another solar power station appeared in Chernobyl, a hundred meters from the sarcophagus that covered the exploded reactor.


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