Near Kiev burned gas station: the burning fuel ran down the road

Под Киевом горела АЗС: горящее топливо текло по дороге

In the Kiev region burned down gas station

Plastic barrel, which kept diesel fuel, melted from the fire and the streams of fuel spilled on the roadway.

In the village of bilohorodka near Kyiv on the night of Friday, November 9, a fire occurred. Burning diesel fuel at a car gas station, reports Informant.

It is noted that the call firefighters arrived at about 23:00.

According to preliminary information, the fire started in a barrel for storing diesel fuel. After the ignition of the fuel started to leak into the street and roadway. This is due to the fact that the tank was plastic and it melted from the temperature.

Firefighters quickly managed to contain and eliminate the burning fuel. But at the time of rescue police blocked the roadway.

I worked at a place rescuers and was on duty medics and law enforcement officers.

Victims in a state of emergency was not. What was the cause of the fire – will establish a consequence.


We will remind, several days before the fire occurred on the oil processing plant near Odessa.

And in the summer near Kiev because of the driver exploded the gas station. The man put a gun to the neck of the fuel tank, and then forgot to pull it out and started moving towards the exit.

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