Near Kiev “covered” underground shop on manufacture of substitute alcohol

Под Киевом "накрыли" подпольный цех по производству суррогатного алкоголя

A substitute made by mixing alcohol with water

The attackers fake alcohol on an industrial scale. Among the confiscated – 15 barrels with alcohol, weighing 1650 pounds each.

In the village Kobtsi Kiev region law enforcement authorities found and dismantled a clandestine workshop for the production of counterfeit alcohol. On Thursday, March 21, the press service of the Prosecutor of Kyiv region.

“A substitute made by mixing alcohol with water. The resulting mixture malefactors packaged in a package type Bag-in-Box and cardboard box with the inscription of one of the famous brands,” – said in the message.

During the search it was discovered the equipment for production, filling and filtering of falsification, 15 barrels with alcohol weight 1650 kg each and boxes of ready-to-implement products, empty containers, prepared to fill counterfeit alcohol, waybills and freight cars.

According to law enforcement, the fake alcohol was spread on the territory of Kyiv region. Investigations are continuing and sets the value of the discovered products.


Earlier also it was reported that in Kiev discovered the largest meth lab psychotropics.

And last week in the suburbs of Kharkov militiamen revealed underground shop on manufacture of alcoholic beverages, which seized more than two thousand liters of counterfeit.


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