Near Kiev detained a gang of racketeers, organized by the head of the village Council

Под Киевом задержали банду рэкетиров, организованную главой сельсовета

Seized from criminals weapons

A criminal group of former athletes and previously convicted of serious and heinous crimes collected the head of one of village councils, Kyiv region.

Near Kiev detained a gang of racketeers who engaged in robbery and extortion in the number of settlements of the Kiev region. On Monday, September 17, the press service of the National police.

As has established a consequence, a group of former athletes and previously convicted of serious and particularly serious crimes was collected by the Chairman of one of village councils of Kyiv region to “address issues”, officials and related businesses.

“His accomplice in this was the leader of a criminal gang, a 37-year-old previously convicted local resident. Was also conducted active cooperation with the so-called “looking” in Irpin. Direct executors of instructions of the group were residents of the Kiev region at the age from 25 to 46 years”, – stated in the message.

According to the police, in their activities, the criminals used physical force, weapons, intimidation, threats and damage to property. As part of the investigation, it was determined that the group demanded from one of inhabitants of the area of 58 thousand UAH for alleged outstanding repairs, and threatened with physical violence in case of refusal.



“Under the protection of the interior Ministry of Ukraine was disclosed to the involvement of the group to attack with weapons on National guard troops in Bucha at the end of 2017. Then the criminals opened fire in a public place, endangering bystanders, and caused serious injuries to military personnel – one of the wounded lost an eye”, – reported in Department.

In addition, according to the police, the group was threatened and then beat up the head of public organization the Union of soldiers-participants of anti-terrorist operation in the village of Gostomel, who openly declared abuses of the local authorities in the sphere of land allocation and the “protection” of these schemes by law enforcement officials.

“The main investigation Department of national police began criminal proceedings upon Commission members a stable, hierarchical group operating on the territory of Kiev and Kiev region, crimes under articles robbery and extortion. Seven defendants in a criminal organization, including the leader, were arrested. According to the court, law enforcement officers conducted 34 the authorized search in a residence of participants of criminal group and in his office convicted the Chairman of the village Council. The attackers seized large quantities of weapons, ammunition, mobile phones, cash in foreign currency, as well as cars of the elite class,” summed up the law enforcers.

At the moment of the announcement to the detainees of suspicion on the article of creating a criminal group, robbery and extortion. The court filed the petition on election as a preventive measure of detention.

Recall that in Ukraine there are 80 to 100 “thieves in law”. Such data was sounded by the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. According to him, 70% of car thefts koordiniruyutsya criminal authorities.

Earlier in Izmail of Odessa region police broke up a meeting of “thieves in law” in the restaurant Parmesan. It was noted that the primary “speaker” at the meeting was Koba, a representative of the thief in the law of Mindie nicknamed Lame.

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