Near Kiev, killed Amin Okueva

Под Киевом убили Амину Окуеву

Amina Okueva

Her husband, Adam Osmayev, were injured.

Near Kiev in the attack killed the veteran anti-terrorist operations and social activist Amina Okueva. This was announced by adviser to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko on his page on Facebook on Monday evening, October 30.

“Her car was fired upon from the bushes at a railway crossing near the village of glevakha, Kyiv region. The result of his injuries Amina died. Adam Osman injured, but will live. I just talked to him on the phone,” he wrote.

At the place of work investigative team police.

Recall, June 1, in Kiev, has tried to kill Osmayev and Okueva. Then the attacker was presented by the journalist of the newspaper Le Monde and shot the man. In response Okueva made four shots at the attacker. The killer and Osman were seriously injured. In July Osmayev was released from the hospital.

According to the head of the interior Ministry Arsen Avakov, the police found a connection between the attempt and the two leaders.

According to media reports, Amina Okueva (Anastasia Nikiforova) was born 5 June 1983 in Odessa. When she married, converted to Islam. At the same time changed the name Aminu Mustafinova. Name Okueva – from her second husband.

After the marriage Amina Okueva had gone to live in Russia, then returned and entered Odessa medical University named after Mechnikov. After graduation he worked at city hospital 11 doctor.

In 2014 he became a volunteer paramedic on the Maidan. In July 2014, along with her third husband Adam Osmayev joined the ranks of the battalion Kiev-2, which fought a unit of Chechen volunteers Battalion behalf of Dzhokhar Dudayev.

Amines have AquaWay left a minor son from his first marriage.