Near Kiev operated a group of “black” state Registrar

Под Киевом действовала группа "черных" госрегистраторов

SBU has exposed the “black” state Registrar, acting in Kiev region

The group entered the raider fraud for the illegal re-registration of property – land, real estate and corporate rights.

SBU exposed group of the state Registrar, to carry out the raider fraud in the Kiev region. I reported about it press-the SBU center on Friday, September 13.

“The operatives of the intelligence agencies documented that illegal activity organizers have created a dummy registration the company Petrovskoe on the territory of Vasylkiv district, Kyiv region. At the same time actually registration acts were committed at various addresses in Kiev. The mechanism of raider engrossing real estate provided for the introduction of the state Registrar of the fictitious enterprise provides false information in the state registers”, – stated in the message.

The organizers and direct perpetrators of the transaction without the consent of the owners of alienated land, real estate and corporate law, using illegally obtained access keys with electronic digital signature in the state register.

The attackers were actively using fictitious decisions of the courts, fake documents, seals, letterheads and stamps of enterprises, institutions, organizations of different ownership forms and vessels.

The SBU also noted that the illegal seizure of another’s property was carried out in the interests of third parties, or in favor of members of an organized group.

“Realizing the inevitability of his exposure, the organizers of raids periodically destroyed registration of the case and began the process of elimination of KP Petrovskoe”, reads the message.

In SBU reminded that in July the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky during a visit to Kiev region instructed law enforcement agencies to stamp out raiding the country, in particular, due to unlawful mechanism of use of such utilities, as Petrovskoe.

“In the course of documenting the criminal activities received ample evidence of numerous fraudulent transactions. The main defendants in the case is reported about suspicion in Commission of several crimes, in particular under part 1 St. 366 (forgery) and part 3 of article 365-2 (abuse of power by persons who provide public services) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Currently the expert studies to determine the total amount of damages caused by criminal actions, and the issue of electing a suspect measure of restraint”, – reported in SBU.

The operation to expose the raiders were held by employees of the Department of counterintelligence protection of state interests in the sphere of information security of SBU together with investigators GU the national police in the Kiev region.

“We emphasize that recently the security service of Ukraine has stepped up its efforts to counter the substantial rise in Ukraine, the attempts of raider attacks with the participation of the state Registrar and officials of the Ministry of justice. According to experts, due to the legislative simplification of the system of registration of property rights, the organizers of the fraudulent transactions and they control the performers have access to the state Register of rights. Then using fake documents they illegally alienated land plots, objects of real estate and corporate law”, – noted in SBU, stressing that in recent months it already the fourth case of exposure and termination of the security Service of Ukraine illegal registration of action for appropriation of real estate.

We will remind that earlier in Odessa, the blackmailer demanded money, posing as the employee of SBU.

It was also reported that in Kiev by a gang of security forces had “spy” services.

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