Near Kiev police opened fire on driver who rammed patrol car

Под Киевом полиция открыла огонь по водителю, таранившему патрульное авто

The driver initially stopped and got nasty with the cops, and then tried to escape, rammed the patrol car. Severely damaging your car, the drunk ran away on foot.

In the village.Ivankov Kiev region patrol police used firearms to stop a drunk driver. On Monday, March 18, the press service of the police region.

According to the report, during his night shift response team for violation of the Rules of traffic stopped the Opel Omega. 33-year-old driver, a resident of Zhytomyr region, and his passenger when dealing with the police behaved provocatively, so the outfit called for help.

“When police help arrived, the Opel driver suddenly started reversing and collided with the official car that stayed behind. Then began to disappear from the scene, having made nearly hitting the police officers and witnesses of the offense. Aware of the threat to the life and health of people, the police made two warning shots. This offender did not stop and he, fleeing from police, caused a car accident”, – is spoken in the message.

In the accident the car was damaged, which did not allow him to move on. After that, the driver and his passenger tried to escape on foot into the woods, but was arrested by the police.

According to police, the alcohol content in driver’s blood-the fugitive was 0.6 ppm. In addition, he was driving without a driver’s license. It turned out that at the end of 2018 in relation to this driver already drawn up a Protocol for driving while intoxicated.

We will remind, yesterday in the Dnipropetrovsk region the driver of the car with foreign registration threw grenade at police officers who stopped him for checking documents. Prior to this it was reported that in the Vinnitsa region of “EuroBLECH” attacked police.

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