Near Kiev the truck moved the car in the oncoming lane.

Под Киевом фура переехала легковушку на встречной полосе: есть жертвы

In passenger cars, two people were killed

The truck went through the barrier into oncoming traffic and crushed a passenger car, overturned and caught fire.

Fatal accident involving truck and passenger car occurred on Wednesday, August 15, on the Zhytomyr highway near Kiev, said the Kiev group Operational.

Reportedly, the accident killed two people.

According to preliminary data, the driver of the truck hit the barrier and went into the oncoming lane.

According to eyewitnesses, the driver of the truck on the ground there.

“Tragedy on the Zhitomir highway, near Stavishche. According to preliminary information, the truck went through the barrier into the oncoming lane, and moved left and right. In the car two dead”, – stated in the message.

Judging by the column of smoke over the truck, after the collision, the truck caught fire.



A few days earlier in Kyiv Audi killed a pedestrian and fled the scene.

Earlier in the Ternopil region the trucker got already hit by a passerby car and wire his body about 50 meters.


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