Near Kropiwnicki stolen a radioactive waste dump

Возле Кропивницкого разворовали свалку радиоактивных отходов

Waste that could not be touched for at least 300 years, was prikopat at a depth of about ten meters.

Unknown persons have stolen a radioactive waste dump under Kropiwnicki, reports TSN.

It is noted that several hundred containers contaminated with cesium-137 earth and metal 30 years has lain in the soil a few kilometers from the regional center. They could not touch for at least 300 years. Waste was prikopat at a depth of about ten meters, and the burial ground not marked on any map.

“As soon as I got there, just asking what are you doing here – from the digger stopped, and they began to flee. Excavator operator in twist, two employees in the land,” said Maksyuta.

According to the news service, during the Soviet era, the landfill site was secretly buried by the consequences of technological accidents at one of the companies. Some of the containers, the contents of which emitted more than 300 micro-roentgen, taken in Chernobyl, the rest buried in the suburbs.

Law enforcement authorities reported that the persons involved in the excavations have established that they are searching for. Offenders charged with only taking a soil cover without permits.

And the city Council plan to rebury the waste and to isolate the burial ground. Are looking for it contractors which are licensed and reassure citizens that the radiation background in the city dug burial had no effect.

In Yenakiyevo store 100 tons of radioactive waste

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine, together with NATO remediated the territory of radioactive waste storage in the Zhytomyr region.