Near Lviv activists blocked the train with the Russian coal

Под Львовом активисты заблокировали поезд с российским углем

The Russian wagons with coal in the Lviv region

This continues a week and a half. Activists demand explanations: how coal from Russia was in the Western Ukraine.

In the Lviv region in the town of sosnivka continues blocking cars with Russian coal. This UKRINFORM said the Deputy of regional Council from the mining of Chervonohrad Igor Grabinsky.

The activists, most of whom are members of ATU-OOS, staged a round-the-clock watch near the paths, not allowing you to send the cars to the processing plant.

“The veterans of the ATO-environmental and community activists organized a four-hour watch near the cars with Russian coal at the railway station selec-Savona in the city of Sosnovka. The protesters preventing the sending of Russian coal to the processing plant,” said Grabinsky.

According to him, cars with Russian coal, which is purchased from Russia by a private firm, recorded all over Ukraine recently, activists filmed a relevant video in Khmelnytskyi.

Grabinsky was the initiator of the appeal to the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada, Cabinet of Ministers, SBU, Prosecutor General, Ministers of energy and environmental protection on the prohibition of trade of the Russian coal. This appeal was adopted at the recent session of the Lviv regional Council.

The appeal notes that on September 1 at the railway station selec-Savona in Sosnovka arrived 49 wagons with coal. Absolutely they all have a Russian abbreviation and spelled out in the Moscow region. This news angered the local population, public organisations, veterans of the fighting in the East of Ukraine.

As of 10 September to the railway station arrived just 113 cars from Russia. With each passing day business is becoming increasingly publicized, and the growing tension among the population. The demand of activists, the inability of stay on the territory of Ukraine of cars with Russian coal, and the adoption at the legislative level the decision to ban the trade.

As noted Grabinsky, the reaction of Kiev on the appeal of the Lviv regional Council yet. However, its consideration within 30 days.

Earlier media reported that Russia is blocking the transit of coal to Ukraine. Restrictions on transit of coal to Ukraine Russia complained to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Russia, meanwhile, supply has dramatically increased.

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