Near Odessa, dozens of people were poisoned by Shawarma

Под Одессой десятки людей отравились шаурмой

All victims have signs of acute enterocolitis

At the beginning of the investigation, which is conducted by epidemiologists, police and other professionals, the outlet was already closed.

In the Odessa region hospitalized 37 people poisoned Shawarma. This became known on Monday, September 2, during the extraordinary meeting of the regional Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergencies chaired by the acting Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Svetlana Shatalova, UNIAN reports.

Sweat to the head of the office of state supervision over observance of sanitary legislation Lidia Stepanova, yesterday to the hospital were delivered to 37 people, including nine children, including juvenile. All the signs of acute enterocolitis. In particular, digestive disorders, high fever, vomiting.

All victims associate their poisoning with the consumption of fast food purchased at the pavilion located in the Shopping street,11/2 in the village of Avangard Ovidiopol district.

The part of victims is in the hospital in a state of moderate severity, and a part in outpatient treatment.

At the beginning of the investigation, which is conducted by epidemiologists, police and other experts, the object was already closed. With the help of the police inspectors managed to get to the object where a number of violations of sanitary legislation. In particular, the lack of centralized water supply, violation of sanitary-hygienic regime and so on.

The experts made the fence necessary samples. Currently, the appropriate emergency measures.

Last week it was reported that Iron Port and five children poisoned shrimp. Just with poisoning was hospitalized seven people, including five children. All the victims of the Rivne region.

It was also reported about the mass poisoning of children in Ivano-Frankivsk region, vacationing in a private estate.

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